Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stop your judging...

I know...I KNOW! Sheesh....

I'm fully going to steal from Teresa and give you a Top 10 List as to why I've been so absent. Mmkay? Just be my new job I don't have much to do right expect a long and babblelisicous post.

10. Moving in to a new house. We officially moved in May 16th. I LOVE our house. Instantly, it felt like home. We've painted some walls (red downstairs, light ice blue in our room), bought some new living room furniture, hung fans and blinds, bought workout machines and created a little gym, watered and fertilized and watered our new grass and tree...and basically have had a ball being homeowners. Pictures coming soon...

9. Cupcakes. I have fallen head over heels in LOVE with cupcakes. I've known people who love cupcakes, I've eaten many in my life, and I've even been to the famed Magnolia bakery in Manhattan for a 30th birthday cupcake! But it wasn't until I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, where at I made the most amazing cupcakes that I actually fell in love. I mean real love. I have bought 3 cupcake cookbooks and experimented with a few - my favorites being cookies n' cream and chocolate peanut butter. Mmmm...

8. Cake decorating. I have been a cake decorating FOOL for the past month. With this new cupcake obsession, and the idea of making a little tiny career of them, I thought I might as well learn how to decorate them. Those who really know me, know that I'm not crafty. I can pretend I'm artsy...but there's no faking the craftiness. But...I'm actually not horrible at this cake decorating stuff. And what's more - I enjoy it! Like, I really have fun doing it. Today is my final class...I'll post a picture soon.

7. Missing my best friend, Krisanne. She's already done this over-seas livin' I don't know why this is harder. But she's only 4 months into a year long stay (with a possible Swiss extension) and it's killing me.

6. My husband. He is still the cutest person in the world...and let me tell you, it is VERY hard to step away from that in order to blog. I could not be MORE in love with my perfect husband.

5. Unpacking boxes. Vacuuming a huge house. Mowing our lawn.

4. Getting a new job. I know! It's just a temp job...and it's REALLY far away...and I don't really get the people...and it's less money than I was making...........

3. Quitting that job.

2. Getting a new job! (Those of you out there who don't TOTALLY know me, this isn't me - I don't just quit jobs all the know...) I LOVE this new job. I actually interviewed here before getting that other job but they didn't really have anything. Then a few weeks ago they called and said, we're ready for you! Bonus' include - a 15 minute drive from my house; being an actual (not temp) employee; having benefits!!; really liking the people with whom I work. The only downside is that right now I don't have a ton of work (hence the wicked long blog). But that should change soon.....hopefully.

1. Wii. I love our Wii. For a while there I was playing Star Wars Lego with a kind of sick obsession (especially considering I'd already played it all the way through twice). Then we got Indiana Jones Legos, which we're still playing through and enjoy, though not near as much as Star Wars. And last night...we got Rock Band. We have been sooo excited for this. And we're not disappointed. The drums are surprising the hardest thing ever - I doubt I'll ever master it. And there's not a lot of girl songs to sing (though I wailed last night on Bon Jovi's "Wanted (Dead or Alive)...). But we love it. I was being a cake baking fool last night so I didn't get to play as much as I wanted. But you better believe that we will be having lots of concerts in our living room. Feel free to join us!

In conclusion, I've been busy...but not so busy that I couldn't have popped in to say hi. I will be posting more regularly now, I promise. With pictures of our house, of cakes and cupcakes, and our upcoming trip to Utah.


teresa and the boys said...
1:37 PM  

I knew that if I just kept hoping and checking that you'd come back! Yay. I like to think it was my faith that brought you here. =)

Fun new house stuff... and umm.... hello? Cupcakes? Where have you been all my life? We should totally start a business. I kind of rock at cakes.

We bought MarioKart about a month ago, and I'm kind of embarrassed at how much it's been played since then.

HEY! When you come to Utah, see if you can pencil us in for an evening or afternoon or something. We can make cupcakes, and drive our husbands crazy and play Wii. =) Maybe I'll even have a little pink, squiggly, baby girl for you to oogle. =)

I adore you, Susan. You know that, right?

Sufoot said...
1:58 PM me...don't be afraid to just phone me and I'll be aro-ound...

Melanie said...
2:32 PM  

YAY, Cupcakes!! I got that Hello Cupcake! book, and I ADORE IT. I can't wait to try out some of it's tricks.

Also, Hooray for a new job! That you like!

And finally, I love that you love the Lego Star Wars. Are you as psyched as we are about Lego Batman? Also, you MUST get a Wii Fit. It has changed my life. Seriously. No, Seriously.

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