Sunday, November 15, 2009

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A Tithing Of Sorts

Giving 10% is not a new concept for a Mormon. As soon as we're old enough to get an allowance, we are taught the law of tithing. I have been giving 10 % of everything I've earned since I was 6. Paying the Lord back such a small amount, knowing He will freely pour out His blessings in return, has, for the most part, been an easy concept to follow.

...Until now.

For the past 7 years, I have been a member of Weight Watchers...or at least in between memberships. I've joined and rejoined so many times, I'm quite certain my registration fee keeps the company in the black. For a WW member, losing 10% of one's weight is the first major accomplishment. The day we join, our leader writes our 10% goal right on the top of our weigh-in card. It's the number we're working towards. Of course, what we really want is that goal weight...but figuring out a goal weight doesn't even enter the picture until we get to that 10%.

For the past 7 years, I have never reached that 10%.**

...Until now.

Yesterday morning, dressed in my lightest of pyjama pants and thinnest of t-shirts, I nervously got on the scale in front of my weight watcher leader....and reached my 10% goal. I only needed to lose 1.4lbs...and I lost 1.8. I had dreamt the night before that I gotten it...I dreamt about it. And in my dream, I cried. ...I didn't think I really would. But (and I know this won't surprise most of you)...I did cry. Right there in Weight Watchers...I cried. And then the lady said it was time to start thinking about my goal weight - my goal weight! I've had a fictitious number in my head for 7 years. And it is finally - FINALLY - becoming a reality.

I've thought about how the law of tithing and my weight loss are connected. One time, Krisanne mentioned that one of her most powerful weight management tools was thinking about how her body was a gift from God. That it was indeed a temple...and that it was merely on loan to her. And if things like morality and the Word Of Wisdom were important, then by golly, so was watching what she ate and exercising. And the more weight I lose...the more that thought is ruling my choices.

I have just paid a sort of tithing to the Lord - he has given me a body that can walk and hear and see and think and laugh and cry and (someday) create life. The least I can do is give 10% back.

...The battle for my goal weight? Fast offering.

**When I first joined WW 7 years ago, I weighed 35 lbs more than I do now...meaning I actually HAVE lost 10% of my weight...just never while in WW and never all at once. I'd lose a bunch, then gain some back...lose a bunch, gain some while I've actually lost close to 20% in this 7 year stretch, it's not been consistent...and it's never counted.

Monday, November 09, 2009

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Monday Meet: MerMag

I'm easily annoyed. Really. Ask my mom. I'm not proud of's just how I am. I get annoyed at (seemingly) the littlest of things. I mean, I don't think they're little (Mega Super Constant Fakey Coughing Guy?!...that is NOT a little thing).

So when I say that I'm super wicked impressed by someone, please believe me. And lately, I've been introduced to a blog world filled with the most impressive women. Astoundingly, creatively, happily impressive women. And so, I'd like to take Mondays to introduce to you the women on the blogosphere that have been Changing.My.Life.

First up - Mermag. Cute Merrilee is the wife of a guy I acted with in many a BYU theatre production (Teresa - is it a hanging preposition if it's in the middle of the sentence? Should I have said, "with whom I acted"?...speaking of getting annoyed...). He played my brother in my senior project...brilliant dude. Merrilee is super artistic and cute and together with her husband have produced 2 of the most adorable blond-headed boys EVER (of course after Max & Axel, the cutest blond-headed nephews EVER.)

Meet Merrilee.

Merrilee is an artist - see?

She sells this gorgeous piece of work on her etsy shop. She even does custom portrait drawings

Marrilee is a homemaker. See?

They just moved to the L.A. area and here she is decorating her new's NOT a page from Martha Stewart's Living.

Merrilee is a hostess. See?

This is THE most adorable children's birthday party. It's a Peter Pan theme birthday party for her oldest son and all the children came dressed as a character (with her husband showing up as Captain Hook!). Also one time she threw her friends a tea party...oh, Marilee...invite me next time, k?

Merrilee is a crafty mom. See? See? SEE?!

This adorable travel desk was made AND DESIGNED by Merrilee. ...Fer rils?! Now her creativity is just getting ridiculous. My nephew Max travels to Colorado and Idaho to see family lots...someday when I have (and know how to use) a sewing machine, I'd like to make one of these for him.

Dear Readers, this is Merrilee. I have loved discovering her blog and being constantly inspired (and, ok, intimidated) by her creativity. ...You should too.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

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I Left My Heart... San Francisco, o' course!

Kids, let me tell you - next time you've got a spare weekend, some frequent flier miles, and the cutest husband ever - you should TOTALLY go to San Francisco!

We got on a plane early Friday morning and got into the city about noon, dropped off our stuff at the hotel, and walked straight across the street to the In-N-Out. Oh holy's been years since I've had one and I generally don't eat red meat. But um...maybe if that were my last meal, I'd be ok with that.

We walked Fisherman's Wharf, played with those crazy sea lions, experienced some 4-D movies (dude, I actually had to wear a seat belt...), and ate clam chowder in a sourdough bowl (no wait - THAT'S my last meal).

Saturday morning, we toured Alcatraz. Wow. I If you go, you must take the audio tour - it was given and recorded by 4 former guards and 4 former inmates...astounding. We also got to experience the famous San Francisco fog! We spent about 3 hours there and honestly could have stayed longer. But instead.....

We got to see Susanna!! Oh, my dear sweet I've missed you. You know how there are those friends that, no matter how long it's been since you've seen them, the minute you're together again, you go right back to being the best of friends? Yeah...that's my Susanna. Isn't she the cutest? And her sweet husband and gorgeous little boy Van were there, too...heaven. Absolute heaven.

The Risser's were nice and drove us around some of the streets of SF, including the crazy curvy part of Lombard street. (Dude...what were they thinking building a street like that?!) Then they dropped us off at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. I've never seen a structure so...just immense (no wait...I have.) We walked across, what we thought was half way...turned it out it was maybe a quarter of the way. Then we walked back. We walked back to Fisherman's Wharf. Are you hearing me people?! We walked from the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman's Wharf! ...Ok, it was only 5 miles. But still! Five miles!! ...Right...I'm a baby. But since it was a gorgeous day and we were walking along the San Francisco bay, there wasn't much complaining (oh, except I did complain about my feet...because ow).

That night, we took an evening cruise through the bay, under the bridge, and around Alcatraz. Windy!

Sunday morning, we got up and decided to hit Chinatown before our flight. 1. Those hills....oh.those.hills. Seriously, San Francisco? Don't worry - my shin splints are finally going away. 2. Chinatown isn't very open Sunday morning...FYI. But we managed to find a shop selling what we were looking for and wandered our way back. (Side note: I live in the 4th largest city in the country population wise but the sheer mass of Houston is - - well, it's big. And spread out. And while I totally and completely love my city, sometimes I wish I lived someplace where you can't really walk anywhere here. Isn't walking lovely? Lovely...

*warning- here comes some cupcake reviews...

We got to see one last friend - wonderful Becah Davis, sister to two of my very best friends, Tini and Heather, stopped by our hotel before we left with a box of Sprinkles cupcakes. Wasn't that the nicest ever? Nicest.Ever. And also...Sprinkles is yummy. Super yummy. Tastes a lot like'll be interesting when our Sprinkles opens up just down the street from Crave...hmmm...The vanilla was amazing. The Red velvet-y (really people? it's just a color...). The pumpkin

On our way out of town I made our driver (that's right...we had a driver - because us Gardiner's are fancy!) stop at another cupcake shop - Citizen. Overall, they're ok. The cake is waaaay too crumby - the vanilla cake fell apart in my hands - not good. I dug the vanilla icing but if there's no know? But they're chocolate cupcake...hoo-boy. Probably the best chocolate cupcake I've ever had. Don't know was just good. Also their pumpkin was horrible - it was filled with raisins - RAISINS!! Why would anyone do that to a pumpkin cupcake! Oh, the humanity!!

The other cupcake shop we tried that weekend was Kara's. Super cute logo. Adorable atmosphere. ...Not so great cupcakes. Not horrible...but I'd never crave them. So there.

And that, friends, wraps up our weekend spree to the west coast. We loved every minute of it (except for - where was the cold?! Everyone said it would be so cold - and it totally wasn't!).

As we were boarding our plane home, Andrew was already planning our next weekend New York.....get ready!

Monday, November 02, 2009

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I Like Stuff

*I promise to talk about my weekend trip to San Francisco as soon as I get the pictures uploaded to the computer. In the meantime...allow me to babble.*

I like lists. And I like not being original. So when NieNie listed her favorite things today, I thought - "Good idea, NieNie! Can I do that too?" ...And I'm taking her silence as a yes. Sooo...

Stuff Making Me Happy Right Now...

  1. Andrew. This man will ALWAYS be on my list of favorite things. Truly...I sometimes can't believe how insanely lucky I am that this man fell in love with me. Seriously? He's so hot.

  2. My Fitness Coach - this Wii game has changed my life. I.Kid.You.Not. You don't need a Wii Fit to play it. It's basically like a virtual aerobics instructor. If you're having a hard time getting motivated to exercise, get this game. Do it. ...Stop your whining and just do it

  3. Downeast Basics - Um...I have a problem. I am addicted to this place. I literally have a section of my closet devoted to Downeast tees and camis and it's a rare day indeed when I'm not wearing one (I'm wearing 2 there). And now I'm falling in love with their regular clothes. I already have this. But...Oh my this. And this. And oh my THIS.

  4. The Pioneer Woman - I feel a bit behind having just discovered her. But dear readers, if you do not know Ree Drummond, stop your sucking and GET TO KNOW HER. I fall into her recipes and photos...fall. Her first cookbook just came out and it's now on the top of my Christmas list.

  5. Caramel Popcorn - more specifically, my mother's caramel popcorn. It's sticky and gooey and when you get to the bottom of the bowl, a spoon is necessary to get all the leftover caramel...I put this on my list not because I've had it recently (it's probably been close to 10 years...) but because I've been thinking about it...a LOT. I've moved past "crave" and I'm knee-deep in "need". Mommy...if you're reading this...could you please make me some? There's a lamb...

  6. Friends - I've been incredible thankful lately for really amazing friends. When I was growing up, I made friends easily. I had lots of friends, even lots of best friends. But as I've gotten older, I think I've grown pickier...(I also became really great friends with myself so sometimes I would rather be alone then be with people that were only so-so). I am lucky to have the Best Friend in the world, the amazing Triumvirate, Anne Friend, Club Awesome, and my monthly Bunco group. *sigh* I love friends.

What's making YOU happy right now?