Wednesday, December 08, 2010

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40 Weeks Is A Long Time

Today I am 40 weeks pregnant. ...That's full term, friends. Also...that's a long time.

Tomorrow will be the most significant day in my life. Tomorrow...tomorrow, I become a mother. After tomorrow, I will never not be a mother again. ...That's kind of mind-blowing.
We are going in to be induced - I know, I know - I'm not overdue. But this kid is just sitting there. Doing nothing. Not descending. Not effacing. Not allowing me to dilate. Nothing. And me? Well, I'm not doing anything I thought, why not?! Why not get this adorable kid out of me so a) I can stop being pregnant and b) I can finally meet the boy who will make me a mother.
Seriously...........a mother............could you just die?

Sunday, December 05, 2010

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Eli's Nursery

Not a lot of words here...just wanted to share some photos of my son's aqua and orange nursery (yes...I'm aware that there are 36 different shades of those two colors going on in here...I don't care. I dig it.)

This is a gorgeous mobile made by a good friend...isn't it the dreamiest?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

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Me & Dorie: BFF

I got to hang out with Dorie Greenspan one night. It.Was.Awesome. She came to a local cooking school to show us some of the recipes from her new book and I had a front (2nd) row seat!

She made 5 recipes - each of them outstanding. Seriously....out.standing. (Note: She stood at the front of the class cooking each recipe...however, all the food for us, her students, had already been made by the cooking school so while we watched her cook, we were eating what she was cooking...see?) And the food wasn't all things I would normally go for, either. Especially the main dish.

Remember that time I told you that I don't do fruit in my food? Well, the main dish was a Lamb and Apricot Tagine with Couscous. I saw the title in the handout and I inwardly (or possibly audibly) groaned. I thought I'd just pick out the apricots. ....Wanna see my bowl after I ate it: was that good.

Also, how cute is Dorie? Pretty darn.

She moves. A lot. And talks with her hands. A lot. So most of my photos of her from this night, she's wicked blurry.

In conclusion, it was the most fun I've had watching a famous chef cook yummy French food for me to eat.