Monday, November 27, 2006

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Susan the Elf, What's Your Favorite Color?

Oh, the holidays make me a giddy girl. I'm naturally a wicked happy person...but add some tinsel and really cheesy Johnny Mathis Christmas songs and I'm down right sugar-shock inducing! I just had a most lovely Thanksgiving holiday with my second favorite family in the world (second to my own, of course). Being with the Bakers filled me with so much joy and love that Christmas music was playing in my car the day before Thanksgiving. Plus also, I have a boy...and quite honestly, nothing adds more joy to an already joyful season than a roll in the mistletoe.

And so, to you four people reading this tangent-filled and pointless blog, I share my Christmas joy with you by way of this most rediculous and silly game, which I'm sure you've all played as it was popular like 5 years ago. But still makes me happy.

Snowball Fight.

OOh, also this...still makes me giggle.

Monday, November 13, 2006

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I love my mom...

My mother doesn't read my blog.

Maybe if I write a post about how she doesn't read my blog...she'll start reading my blog.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

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...And For Those About To Rock...I Salute You.

Last night, the triumvirate and I got to see one of the coolest shows in music - the Hotel Cafe Tour. This venue in Hollywood is big into the indie artists and a few years ago, Cary Brothers decided to take a few regulars on tour. There is a different lineup for every city but one band that backs them up. Myspace is a contributor to the tour, as well as Red, Bono's latest attempt at changing the world. Seriously, check out Red...great cause.

First of all, we were in a tiny venue and were standing at the foot of the stage, which was maybe a foot and a half off the ground. Meaning...we were in touching distance of all these performers. Second of all, everyone played two mini sets - about 3 songs the first go 'round and 2 or 3 the next. And the last song of most of their second sets, they were joined on stage by everyone else. It made for over 3.5 hours of non-stop music and mayhem...and quite often, heavy on the mayhem.

Jonah Matranga: The only artist of the night that I don't see myself rushing out to get to know but still fun on stage. He's all sorts of affected and pretentious. Think Chris Carrabba with a smaller range and less confidence. And he liked to say the F word...a LOT.

Sarah Bareilles: Think Fiona Apple, without the sullenness...or Rachael Yamagata without the raspiness. Sarah B was my favorite find of the night. She's hot, talented, and quite possibly the most charismatic performer of the night (on a stage that was brimming over with charisma, that's saying something). I bought her EP and highly suggest you find and download the song "Love Song". Happiness on a piano.

Jim Bianco: Oh, the pyschoness that is you, Mr. Bianco. He's got a voice like Tom Waits and a freakiness like a handicapped person on crack. He's quite the comedian and quite the exhibitionist (during Cary Brothers, he was seen briefly wandering around the side with nothing but a towel hanging in front of his...special parts). My favorite Bianco moment was during his second set, he had the whole gang come down off the stage, stand in the middle of the crowd and, accompanied by an upright bass, an accordion, some random percussion, and a guitar, sing all harmony'd and clear. And even had us singing with him. (Note - on their way back up on the stage, I patted him in the back, much to the delight of the 14 year-old that is me!)

Cary Brothers: (Before the show - Me: "Ooh, I like them." A: "Um...I think it's just one guy." Me: "No - it's THE Cary Brothers." A: "No...I'm pretty sure that's just his name - Cary. Brothers." Me: "Nope - I'm positive. It's THE Cary Brothers."....I'm lame.) So, this dude totally channels Dominic Monaghan. I expected him to start into "You ALL everybody!" any minute. He was good - raspy and lyrical. My favorite was when the whole gang came up for "Blue Eyes" and, being on the Garden State soundtrack, everyone in the audience sang along, too.

Rachael Yamagata: She's the reason we were here. If you don't own her album Happenstance..., then you should stop the lameness that is you and buy it. She's one of the best "up and coming" (I hate that term) artists today. And once you get to know her...see her live. She walks on stage and pretty much no else is there. She owns the audience with her eyes, even though they're more often than not peeking out behind her long disheveled hair. The greatest part of maybe the whole night was her cursing and subsequent flirting with some random dude in the corner who was talking during her set. She almost didn't get through "Reason Why" because she couldn't stop coming on to him. When last seen, Random Dude was hanging backstage with Cary and Rachel...

Schuyler Fisk: You know her as the girl who made out with Colin Hanks in Orange she's all folky and Zach-Braff-y and the cutest thing on stage. I'm quite certain she has a romantic attachment to our next artist as, when they were on stage together, she looked at him with the most lovey-dovey eyes I've seen in a long while.

Joshua Radin: ...Which brings us to my new boyfriend. He's like a younger, cuter Ray LaMontagne. In the liner notes for his CD (which I bought), he thanks Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and Nick Drake, and it's obvious when listening to him that he relies heavily on their influences. He so adorable that he is currently residing in my pocket. During the song "Closer", he kept giving me the eye - I am not kidding - the rest of the triumvirate can attest to it. He would look at me, standing at his feet, hands clasped in front of me, looking up at him, stars in my eyes, and he would smile...the sexiest eye-crinkly smile ever. No matter that he was also doing it occasionally to the girl next to me...Joshua Radin has a fan in me for just about ever. Favorite Joshua moment (aside from his falling in love with me) was the gang coming on stage to sing "Cecilia" I said, mayhem, mayhem, mayhem.

Thus concludes my chatty and hyperlink-heavy review. Seriously, check out these artists. There was not one time last night where I wanted someone to get off the stage. Such a fabulous show. And if you're in a city where this tour is coming, pay the small fee ($12 for us!) and go. Discovering new music is best when it's live.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

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Who Do You Love...Me Or The Thought Of Me?

It's not his looks...or his mad guitar skills. It's the personality that I love about this man.

Quit your sucking and read his blog. You won't be sorry.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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Singing's My Favorite.

I have a twin. Get to know her.

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This Is Not The Greatest Song In The World..This Is A Tribute

I am a copycat! And pretty darn proud of it. No originality here, no sir. Seen this sweater before? That's cuz I shop at the Gap along with the rest of the twentysomethings in America (forget that I'm 30...*sigh*). You have this CD too? Weeeiird. And who DOESN'T own a copy of the DVD "Return To Me"?!

With that, I give you "First Ten Songs", something I'm copying from my dear Melanie...who also copied it from someone else......So, I'm gonna hit shuffle on my cute pink iPod, and tell you the first 10 songs that come up...even if accidentally it's Britney Spears.

1. The Truck Song, Lyle Lovett - Oh, the beauty and sexiness that is Lyle Lovett (don't think he's sexy? See him sing'll change your mind). I like this song cuz he talks about being from Houston. Favorite line: "The right lane's the right one when not in England."

2. John Wayne Gacy, Jr., Sufjan Stevens - My best friend discovered Sufjan before a lot of people did. This is one the saddest songs I've ever heard...the beauty of Sufjan's voice and the emotion of the lyrics pretty much make me cry every time I hear it. Don't be afraid of his current rising popularity...Sufjan Stevens IS music.

3. Nothing In My Way, Keane - He's sweaty, he's British, he's in rehab - he's the Keane Dude! I love this man's voice what with it being all silky like. This new album is brilliant - no sophomore slump for this trio! And this is one of my favorites.

4. J'ai Deux Amours, Madeleine Peyroux - I LOVE Madeleine...but this is my least favorite song of hers. I know what you're thinking - "But Susan - you speak French! This should be your favey!!" Yeah...but it's not. I don't love her accent...and that's all I hear when I listen to this song. ...Anyway...moving on...

5. Staple It Together, Jack Johnson - I feel like loving Jack Johnson has become so cool that it's not cool anymore. Meh...I don't care (what's this word "originality"?), I love him. When he performs, he does this wicked sexy sway-y thing...he's all Hawaiian and whatnot.

6. Say Hello Wave Goodbye, David Gray - This album (White Ladder) is the single greatest driving album ever. And my cute Van Morrison plays guitar on this 9 minute song...come on...I mean, seriously people.....brilliance.

7. Go, Indigo Girls - One of my favorite of my least favorite songs. I love Amy but sometimes I don't love her songs. I skip this song every time it comes up...

8. Utah State Fair Ad, Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro - A brilliant radio ad campaign for the Utah State Fair a few years ago. Sweet...

9. I Am In Love With You, Imogen Heap - This is NOT my kind of music - it's all techno-y and electric. But I am IN FREAKING LOVE with Imogen Heap. She can do no wrong. This is a very techno-y song and very Imogen.

10. The River, The Waifs - My brother Erik introduced me to this Austrailian folk trio. And now I want to be them. I have a list of songs that, when I'm a folk singer, I plan on covering - most of them are Waifs' songs.