Sunday, March 30, 2008

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The Max

I'll post for realsies later...but for now, enjoy the awesomeness that is my nephew Max: The Most Perfect And Cute Child EVER.

PS - mostly this is for my sister...enojy, Heather!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Walk-Outs, Weddings, and Max!

This has been a long week...but it's Thursday a few hours it's the weekend and some exciting things are afoot!

First of all, most of my readers know I hate my job. I usually hate my job but this one, and particulaly lately, is by far the most hated. Well, yesterday afternoon, I walked in my boss' office and gave her my two weeks' notice. ...I know, right? Now, before you ask, no...I do NOT have a new job yet. But a week ago I put my resume on and already I've had 5 calls, 4 emails, and one fabulous interview (for which I have a second one on Monday!). So I'm not worried - obviously there is work for document controllers in Houston. And let me tell you - it feels AMAZING to do this on my own terms. Because I don't have a job yet, it's like I'm saying, "This place is horrible, hateful, and sucks the very marrow from my bones." If I already had a job, it'd be like, "...I have a new job. Peace out." It's kinda been exciting around the office...mostly because I quit the day after another one of the document controllers...yeah...we're hoping to start a trend.

Second of all, this weekend my brother-in-law James is getting married! James was on his mission when Andrew and I got married so I've only known him for about 6 months. He's marrying a wicked cute girl named Kristen, who was also on her mission when we got married, and who James has been dating for about 4 years. They're tying the knot in the San Antonio temple which means...road trip! Tomorrow after work, Andrew and I are packing up the car and hitting the open road! ...Ok, it's only a 2 1/2 hour trip. But still! Road trip! Plus also...hotel! Freak, there are few things I love more than staying in hotels.........but one of them is...

Max!! Max is coming! Remember how in that last paragraph I talking about going on a road trip right after work? Well, in between those two things, we're stopping off at my parents' house to see the cutest boy in the whole wide fraking world - -MAX! My brother and his wife will be there too...and that'll be nice, I guess. But Max! Oh, Max, how are cute are you?! Let's take a look, shall we?

Still not convinced he's the greatest kid ever? ...Put THIS in your'll know what to do with it:
And this is why I almost don't mind the fact that I've had a headache for 3 weeks...I've got walk-outs, weddings, and Max in my life...what else do you freaking need?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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Kri The Korean

My best friend Krisanne moved to Korea this week. She does this...moves to other other countries. She does it a lot. (Seriously - what is with the people in my life thinking it's cool living overseas?! It's not, people! It's just NOT!)

Anyway...Krisanne will be teaching English to cute Korean children at a fancy artistic-like school. I couldn't imagine a better job for her. And so, on this, the cusp of her new foreign-flavored adventure, I'd like to dedicate this post to my best friend, Krisanne Hastings.

Krisanne and I met about 4 years ago but we should have met sooner. We have unknowingly crossed paths so many times in life...we've been to the same parties, know the same people, we even think she may have come to one of my apartments at BYU once. We have something like 6 mutual friends - that we met at different times. In any case, we finally met 4 years ago at a singles' FHE group. We soon discovered our mutual love for the Indigo Girls and when they came in concert just a few months after our meeting, we decided to go together. And ladies and gentlemen...the greatest friendship of my life was born (except, of course, for my husband and my mom). The connection was instant - I've never connected so quickly and so profoundly like that with anyone. And the connection has only gotten deeper. Especially considering she and I have lived in different parts of the world for something like 3 of the 4 years we've been friends.

Krisanne is the kindest person I know. I've never known her when she hasn't been a volunteer at a children's hospital or a retirement home. She is so full of warmth and intelligence and love. She makes me laugh harder than anyone I know and I have more fun making HER laugh than anyone else in my life. There are so many things I love about Krisanne but my favorite is her bravery. Krisanne hasn't had the easiest life...but she takes everything with her head high. She went to grad school in England a few years ago...all by herself. And now she's moved to Korea...all by herself. And she does it, as she does most things, because she wants nothing more than to make the world a better place. I'm not kidding people....she's amazing.'re kinda my hero.

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That Dweam Wiffin A Dweam

My super duper friend Teresa left me a message on my phone this week. She told me that I was lame-o for never updating my blog. And I was're right. So, me voila! I post!

So 2007 is over and it was pretty much The Year Of The Wedding. Not only did the Wedding Of The Century take place in April, but my dear sweet Diane Duffy-Corado got married in November and my cute cute cousin Emma got married...well, she actually got married January 2nd. But I'm still counting it as 2007.

In November, Andrew and I were able to spend a long weekend in Washington D.C. to see Di get married. My father's family all lives out there so we were able to stay with an aunt and uncle in their gorgeous home in Maryland. We spent a day with cute A, wandering the Mall, seeing the monuments, dinosaurs, and Constitutions. We even capped off the day with a visit to the White House where we got a tour from President Bush's personal secretary, my cousin Karen. The wedding itself was fabulous. Behold the amazing Triumvirate:

Di, how you glow! And this is even PRE-baby! You must be the glowy-est now!

Then in January I had to leave my cute husband for 2 days (*gasp!*) to go to Emma's wedding in Minnesota. As hard as it was to be apart from Andrew, I had a wonderful time with my extended family. Emma was a freaking supermodel. Plus, she wore red patten leather heels with her wedding dress. ...I know, right?! Other than the fact that it never got above 9 degrees, a great time was had by all.

Thus concludes 2007, the Year Of The Wedding. ...Here's hoping that Di is setting a trend for 2008 - The Year Of The Baby!