Tuesday, November 09, 2010

36 Down...4-ish To Go

Look at me - I'm 36 weeks pregnant!

I suppose that would be called "full term"...but as I still have 6 more days at my job (read: a week and a half), I'd be totally ok if this kid waited until week 39 to come....Momma needs some time off, yo.

**PS - for those of you super sad not to see a FFwD post last week (Cami...), I just couldn't bring myself to cook last week (blame two nights spent making 36 fondant bumble bees!...pictures to come). Luckily for all of you, I plan on making TWO Dorie things this week...but not until Sunday. So you'll still have to wait for a new recipe review. However, I do have some blogging to do about the class I went to recently TAUGHT by Madame Greenspan herself! Coming soon....promise....


Krisanne said...
5:01 PM  

Oh my gosh you are so stinkin' adorable. Look at you all pregnant and all adorable!

Cami said...
7:10 PM  

You know, the thought did cross my mind yesterday that you didn't post about a FFwD recipe for me to drool over. But I will forgive you since you mentioned my name in your explanation and you're going to do more in the future. And by the way, I don't expect you to keep cooking when the baby comes! That's what husbands and visiting teachers are for.

You look fab-u-lous, you 36-week-pregnant woman!

Cecily said...
7:32 PM  

How can you be so stinkin' cute AND be pregnant? Crazy, yo.

Susanna said...
11:32 PM  

Love it. Love the belly, love the beads, love the shoes. Love it all.

Becky said...
3:56 PM  

Ah you are such a cute pregnant lady. :)

Um...I have to hear about this class. I am so jealous.

Amanda said...
7:28 AM  

You are so cute!!! I am SOOOOOO excited for you! This time is tough though... you are so close but every single day is a waiting game.... but seriously. You. Are. Adorable. :)

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