Wednesday, December 08, 2010

40 Weeks Is A Long Time

Today I am 40 weeks pregnant. ...That's full term, friends. Also...that's a long time.

Tomorrow will be the most significant day in my life. Tomorrow...tomorrow, I become a mother. After tomorrow, I will never not be a mother again. ...That's kind of mind-blowing.
We are going in to be induced - I know, I know - I'm not overdue. But this kid is just sitting there. Doing nothing. Not descending. Not effacing. Not allowing me to dilate. Nothing. And me? Well, I'm not doing anything I thought, why not?! Why not get this adorable kid out of me so a) I can stop being pregnant and b) I can finally meet the boy who will make me a mother.
Seriously...........a mother............could you just die?


Cami said...
9:04 PM  

I am so happy for you that I teared up looking at the pictures of Eli's nursery and then I had one of those Hollywoodesque-one-tear-down-the-cheek moments when I saw this pic of you standing all full-term by the empty crib. I've pulled myself together now but seriously, you are going to be the best mom there is. Ever. (Well, my mom is the exception of course. And your mom. But you know what I'm saying.)

The Powell Family said...
9:24 PM  

Susan you are going to be an amazing mommy! Have a beautiful day tomorrow!

Susanna said...
10:14 PM  

Oh my! Good luck mama! I think you two will get along swimmingly. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. Lots of pictures. I mean if you can stop staring at his perfect little fingers long enough to post.

I'll be checking.

Krisanne said...
10:43 PM  

My love for you is bigger than your giant pregnant belly. Yeah. That big. My heart and thoughts and love are with you!! You're a mama soon!!!

Linz said...
9:40 PM  

I didn't see this post until now. This is such a cute picture of you standing in Eli's room, I LOVE it!!

Also, it was actually the day after tomorrow from when this was posted. But only b/c the hospital was being dumb.

I was also looking at the next post with pics of Eli and I can't believe how much he's grown lately...he's such a cutie!!

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