Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This Is Not The Greatest Song In The World..This Is A Tribute

I am a copycat! And pretty darn proud of it. No originality here, no sir. Seen this sweater before? That's cuz I shop at the Gap along with the rest of the twentysomethings in America (forget that I'm 30...*sigh*). You have this CD too? Weeeiird. And who DOESN'T own a copy of the DVD "Return To Me"?!

With that, I give you "First Ten Songs", something I'm copying from my dear Melanie...who also copied it from someone else......So, I'm gonna hit shuffle on my cute pink iPod, and tell you the first 10 songs that come up...even if accidentally it's Britney Spears.

1. The Truck Song, Lyle Lovett - Oh, the beauty and sexiness that is Lyle Lovett (don't think he's sexy? See him sing'll change your mind). I like this song cuz he talks about being from Houston. Favorite line: "The right lane's the right one when not in England."

2. John Wayne Gacy, Jr., Sufjan Stevens - My best friend discovered Sufjan before a lot of people did. This is one the saddest songs I've ever heard...the beauty of Sufjan's voice and the emotion of the lyrics pretty much make me cry every time I hear it. Don't be afraid of his current rising popularity...Sufjan Stevens IS music.

3. Nothing In My Way, Keane - He's sweaty, he's British, he's in rehab - he's the Keane Dude! I love this man's voice what with it being all silky like. This new album is brilliant - no sophomore slump for this trio! And this is one of my favorites.

4. J'ai Deux Amours, Madeleine Peyroux - I LOVE Madeleine...but this is my least favorite song of hers. I know what you're thinking - "But Susan - you speak French! This should be your favey!!" Yeah...but it's not. I don't love her accent...and that's all I hear when I listen to this song. ...Anyway...moving on...

5. Staple It Together, Jack Johnson - I feel like loving Jack Johnson has become so cool that it's not cool anymore. Meh...I don't care (what's this word "originality"?), I love him. When he performs, he does this wicked sexy sway-y thing...he's all Hawaiian and whatnot.

6. Say Hello Wave Goodbye, David Gray - This album (White Ladder) is the single greatest driving album ever. And my cute Van Morrison plays guitar on this 9 minute song...come on...I mean, seriously people.....brilliance.

7. Go, Indigo Girls - One of my favorite of my least favorite songs. I love Amy but sometimes I don't love her songs. I skip this song every time it comes up...

8. Utah State Fair Ad, Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro - A brilliant radio ad campaign for the Utah State Fair a few years ago. Sweet...

9. I Am In Love With You, Imogen Heap - This is NOT my kind of music - it's all techno-y and electric. But I am IN FREAKING LOVE with Imogen Heap. She can do no wrong. This is a very techno-y song and very Imogen.

10. The River, The Waifs - My brother Erik introduced me to this Austrailian folk trio. And now I want to be them. I have a list of songs that, when I'm a folk singer, I plan on covering - most of them are Waifs' songs.


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