Monday, November 27, 2006

Susan the Elf, What's Your Favorite Color?

Oh, the holidays make me a giddy girl. I'm naturally a wicked happy person...but add some tinsel and really cheesy Johnny Mathis Christmas songs and I'm down right sugar-shock inducing! I just had a most lovely Thanksgiving holiday with my second favorite family in the world (second to my own, of course). Being with the Bakers filled me with so much joy and love that Christmas music was playing in my car the day before Thanksgiving. Plus also, I have a boy...and quite honestly, nothing adds more joy to an already joyful season than a roll in the mistletoe.

And so, to you four people reading this tangent-filled and pointless blog, I share my Christmas joy with you by way of this most rediculous and silly game, which I'm sure you've all played as it was popular like 5 years ago. But still makes me happy.

Snowball Fight.

OOh, also this...still makes me giggle.


Yvonne said...
3:24 PM  

YAY for Christmas! I've got the Christmas Spirit bad as well.. been listening to Vince Guaraldi since Halloween!!

You gotta come over sometime over the next week! We've got so many lights up, Amy calls our living room "Vegas".

That and I miss you.
Love ya, Chica! Relish in the wintery holiday as long as you can (it's always over way too soon!).

Suzanne said...
4:25 PM  

Dude...I miss you. What's the 411? What's your 20?

BonnieAnnKing said...
7:22 PM  

That is Wicked funny!

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