Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Housey House

So, I'm still unemployed. ...Just...you know...FYI.

But let's talk about happy things, eh? Let's talk about how far along our house is coming! It's looking like we'll be in it in roughly 5-6 weeks. It's getting so fun to go visit it a few times a week, see what they've been doing.

Here's a shot of the outside:

I know it looks all dirty...they still haven't painted the outside.

Here's a shot of our kitchen at different stages:

There's flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms and most of the painting's been done (you can see some touchups are needed), the driveway's been poured, and at least all the cabinets are in.

Seriously, the closer it gets, the more excited I get. Aside from the fact that not having a job won't be a great thing when it comes time to start paying the mortgage, this time off of work has given me time to start packing. I've started on our guest room (read: junk room) and got 11 boxes packed up today. Hopefully I'll be able to get most of the nonessential things packed before I start working again....which will be real soon.........real real soon...........*sigh*


Susanna said...
7:08 PM  

Oh yay! Susanhead. I really love you and I love that you have a blog! Remember how I'm the world's worst keeper in toucher? I stink at email, facebook, linkup, everything... Well I manage to keep in touch with people who blog. I guess I can be a hermit and have friends after all! Yay my worlds are coming together and it makes me happy that you are part of that. I love your house. And love/hate being unemployed. But love love... you. Any plans to visit New York???

Sufoot said...
10:23 PM  

My dearest Susanna! I LOVE that we have reconnected in a way that you actually use! Yahoo for blogs! Yahoo for the internet!

Mmm...New York...unfortunately, with a house in the works, big fat vacations to New York are not in our plans. But I promise you, YOU will be the first to know when they are...mostly because we'll be relying on your couch. I love you!

Melanie said...
10:50 PM  

Um, what an awesome house! Hooray for you guys. . . the kitchen is fabulous already. just like YOU are fabulous. And also, who needs a job? Bask in the joy of free time while you can :)

teresa said...
11:48 AM  

Hey, Susan, I know this may come as a shock to you, so prepare yourself, but ummm.... it appears that a lot of people really, really like you. I mean *REALLY* like you. =)

Cute kitchen -- cute house. Cute Susan.

Zachary said...
2:15 PM  

The house is looking awesome! Good luck on the job thing.

Krisanne said...
2:47 AM  

what a house! what a sufoot! susan, once i get home from korea i'm coming directly to you, andrew and your lovely abode. i love you.

Tara said...
3:17 PM  

Your new house looks great! You will have so much fun when you finally move in! George and I are selling the apartment in Romania and we will be leaving Romania next year. Not sure yet where exactly. We are keeping our options open. We are working on getting the man a visa so we can come visit later this year. We'll just have to come see your new house!

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