Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lighting The BBQ of My Heart Since 2008...

Andrew and I, working hard with our doctor to get me knocked up, got a little impatient...we needed our family to grow. And rather than allow me to steal that cute little girl wandering through Kroger, Andrew let me get a kitten.

And dear reader...I haven't known her for 12 hours and yet I love her so completely!

Meet Briquette (...because she's charcoal colored...):

Playing with her rolly-bell-drum:

Sleeping, all tiny-like and cute, in my hands:

Thank you to Heather for taking all the photos!

I despise that I have to leave her cuteness and go to work tomorrow...maybe I'll call in "kitten"...


Tori said...
10:43 PM  

Don't they provide adopted parents any paternity leave?
What kind of crap is that?

Nolo and Lauren said...
10:37 AM  

Susan... you're fabulous. I love your blogs. Your new family addition is absolutely adorable, must take after her mommy. ;)

Zachary said...
11:46 AM  

Congratulations on your new acquisition! At least you have some temporary babysitters right now that speak German.

teresa and the boys said...
1:01 PM  

I love her. Maybe we can trade for a week sometime. You can have June, and I'll take Briquette.

Diane said...
6:57 PM  

What a gorgeous little one!! Must talk soon... love you :)

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