Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Reader,

When you have a kid that has a birthday and you decide to hire me and my mad cupcaking skills to make some fun cupcakes for the occasion, I beg of you - I BEG of you - hire me to do something like this:

NOT something like this:

Your kid won't care and I'll still like you afterwards.

In related news, here's a picture of some pretty Red Velvet cupcakes (I have proclaimed the Red Velvet Cupcake my nemesis!!...bonus points for anyone who can explain to me WHY people like them!) I like the flower cupcake...it makes me happy.


Susan G.
Owner and Awesome Baker of Seriously Cupcakes


Melanie said...
5:09 PM  

DUDE, I so TOTALLY agree with you. Besides the fact that they look a whole lot better, they're like 3000 times easier to decorate.

Also, I already expressed my opinion about red velvet. Let's be honest, they're really only about the cream cheese frosting.

asiaelizabeth said...
11:38 PM  

I really have never thought about it, maybe it's the nostalgia aspect, but I so looooooove a red velvet anything and Im not a frosting fan. Never have been, and after my days of proffesionally decorating cakes most definitely hate it now, but still I love the cake! BY the way loving what your doing! Good for you!

asiaelizabeth said...
11:40 PM  

By the way Wilton has some food coloring sprays now that would look pretty wicked on a cupcake. They aren't too expensive either. FYI

teresa and the boys said...
11:55 PM  

Love, love, love. Let's just get rid of New Mexico and Nevada, and all those other pesky states in between us, eh? I need to be closer to my Susan and her cupcakes. (There's a euphemism in there somewhere, I just don't know what it is.)

heather said...
3:21 AM  

What I want to know is who was the kid that wanted both ladybug and soccer ball cupcakes for his/her party?!?

Please tell me this was a combined boy/girl celebration where the siblings involved couldn't agree on the same theme so their mom had to pull together a ladybug and sport party? Not some little sports dude who prefers chasing the ladybugs and butterflies on the soccerfield nor some sweet girl with too much of a balance on her princesss and tomboy personality sides.

Sufoot said...
7:58 AM  

Asia - I know SO many people like you who looooooove Red Velvet - it's many peoples' favorite of all my cupcakes. And it's not that I DON'T like them - they're great! But to me, it's a pretty tasteless cake that only serves as a vehicle to get that awesome cream cheese icing into my mouth. Mel - I'm glad I'm not alone in this...

Teresa - You know, Brother Brigham ALMOST settled in Texas...so in a different world, if he had, and if all the Mormons lived here, maybe we'd be neighbors...I'm just sayin'...

Heather - the cupcakes were for the same little GIRL. Originally, it was just soccer, as the 4 year old has gotten into soccer. Then it was changed to add the ladybugs...I'm guessing the little girl needed a bit more GIRL at her party.

heather said...
12:02 PM  

Ok, if the girl was 4 then I guess that's ok. At 4 you're just interested in whatever and party themes don't really mean anything and the logic of why soccer and ladybugs go perfectly well together is a no brainer.

Cecily said...
5:47 PM  

Love, love, love the flower. How'd you do it? It's wicked cute. Also, I seriously think you need to try my Gma's recipe. I've hated every other red velvet I've ever tried. Like I've wanted to literally spit it out. In public. In front of other people. And maybe it's happened...once or twice.

Tori said...
9:30 AM  

The flowers are totally gorgeous!

McKell and John said...
1:15 PM  

Hey Susan, love your blog! And yes, I met the new kids and I have to say...I would have been one of the girls making fun of you for liking Danny, EWWWWW!! He's like 5'2. Not my type. But oh, that Donnie, I just love him. I like the bad boys! You will have more fun at this concert than any other concert you've ever gone to! I wish I could come with you! Have so much fun and I can't wait to see your blog afterward! Mmmm...now I"m craving cream cheese frosting...

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