Monday, December 15, 2008

...As If You Needed An Excuse...

Dear Reader - it's National Cupcake Day! Show your support for the cutest and tastiest treat out there by hitting your local cupcakery for a yummy yummy cupcake. (If you don't know of a cupcake shop close to you, tell me where you are and I'll find one!)

In the porn this:

Mmm...cookies and cream-y....


Nolo and Lauren said...
10:18 AM  

since i don't have a seriously cupcakes close by, have you heard of any good ones in salt lake?

Sufoot said...
10:49 AM  

You're in luck - check out this fun blog -

There is a link there to all the cupcakeries in Utah, most of them being in Salt Lake. I love the look of the So Cupcake website. But the owner of Minis actually owns a Mini she must be cool. Good luck! And tell me what you think!

Jim and Steph said...
1:38 PM  

i guess i'll have to go try sprinkles. those oreo cupcakes look so divine. it looks like you scooped cookies and cream ice cream right on top. logo.

Diane said...
5:17 PM  

As promised, I am now following all of your recommendations, no questions asked! The husband and I had ourselves a Trophy Cupcake to celebrate yesterday :)

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