Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh. My. Goodness.

Last night I perfected my Eggnog Cupcake recipe.

Friends? I have a new favorite.

Meet the Eggnog Cupcake.

The cake is moist and eggnoggy with a hint of nutmeg. The icing is an eggnog buttercream topped with freshly grated nutmeg.'s as yummy as it sounds/looks.

Let me know if I can, ya know....hook you up.


Diane said...
3:37 PM  

Sus, must figure out that shipping thing... pronto!!

Zachary said...
3:48 PM  

Ummm...Yummy! And when is your next trip to the Promised Land? You have a nephew that wants to try this cake.

Tori said...
10:40 PM  

That sounds like sinful divinity in a cupcake.
Any chance I can get you to extend your making of these post Christmas and maybe whip some up for a bridal shower a friend of mine is having in Houston some time late January (to which you will be invited of course.)

Just checking. ;)

Sufoot said...
8:43 PM  

Zach...Max will be here in less than 2 weeks to try these cupcakes. Nice try, suckah!

Tori - if I can still find egg nog when it's time for your bridal shower, I am ALL over bringing them to you. I promise I will keep my eyes out for egg nog that lasts. Let me know!!

Nolo and Lauren said...
8:59 PM  

Ok... so I was telling my mom that you have your own cupcake company. We decided you needed to do a test run with us, instead of waiting for your Oregon test run.


Nolo suggested we could just fly down to Houston one day and pick up five dozen or so, if you can meet us at the airport.

Hey that way you could have a testimonial that your customers fly down specifically for your cupcakes.

teresa and the boys said...
1:02 AM  


(My tummy says 'hello' as well.)

McKell and John said...
2:18 PM  

OK...So last night I HAD an EGGNOG CUPCAKE and to say that I was obsessed would be a total understatement. I ate four last night. Yup. and I wolud have had more but I didn't want to seem rude. Denise gave me the last 12 this morning for dessert after our family dinner and I am trying to think of another dessert I can make so I don't have to share. You should be on the cover of magazines for this cupcake. Heaven.

Sufoot said...
9:12 AM  

"You should be on the cover of magazines for this cupcake. " are my new favorite for saying this. I don't think I've heard a better review of any of my cupcakes.

Dee Dee said...
9:24 PM  

anyways, eggnog is my favorite, and so are you! I am seriously needing a fix...of both! Promised Land sells nog at Easter, you know! And I have a great recipe for egg-less egg nog. Interesting?! Come see me, friend!

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