Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crafty Ideas, Take One

I know. I KNOW! You're freaking out right now because I'm ACTUALLY posting again. Well...I am. So shut up.

Andrew and I are taking advantage of being childless this weekend by taking a quick random trip to San Francisco (Because.We.Can.) and so I didn't want to leave you all alone all weekend...or you'd start your judging, and then I'd be offended, and then I wouldn't post and we'd be right back where we were 3 days ago....and we can't have that. So, here's some fun ideas to keep you busy while I....keep busy...elsewhere. (Guess what - I use ellipses excessively...and I don't care who knows.)

Before we go any further, let me explain my use of the word "craft". These are not your mother's crafts (or "yo' mama's" crafts, as the kids would say). I do not like your mother's crafts. It's nothing against your mother - she's a wicked nice lady. I just don't really get into painted wooden watermelons. So, when I say "crafts" I mean "cool things you create that make your friends jealous and say where did you get that, oh I made that, what? you must be so talented when really we both know it was as easy as pie". Ok? Ok.

First up - butterflies. Now, for those of you who also read my lovely sister's blog, you've already seen this. But...I saw it first! I found (i.e. stole) the idea from this website. The moment I saw it, I knew it would be the first "crafty" thing I'd try. And friends? It is the EASIEST thing in town. Holy moly, it's so easy. And fun. And pretty. And here's mine:

(I apologize for the crap picture...someday I'll have a nice camera. *sigh*)

See? It's honestly as easy as buying pretty paper (I abhor scrapbooking but OH how I love scrapbooking paper!), having a pretty Martha Stewart butterfly hole punch, little foam dot things, a deep shadow-boxy frame, and 20 minutes to assembly. Dude. Easy AND adorable?! Are you kidding me? No....not I am not. Let's take a closer look at how I personalized my butterflies:

Yep. That's an Astro's ticket stub there.

Yep. That's cute cupcake paper right below it.

Note: you should keep this hole punch out of the hands of, say your husband, in case you don't want EVERYTHING having little butterfly cutouts in it (Kleenex boxes, bills, your cat). I'm just sayin'.

For my next craft, I wanted a little something easier. ...You read that right - easier. And unfortunately, since I've done this one, I've seen people who do it even easier. Or at least cheaper. For this one, get some fun fabric, a staple gun, and either a painters canvas or a square piece of Styrofoam (I used the canvas...the Styrofoam is waaaay cheaper). Cut your fabric to a few inches bigger than the canvas. Pull tight around the edges as you staple (staple one side, then directly across from it, turn 45 degrees and staple, then directly across from that). ...One day I'll take pictures of me actually doing something so you don't just get my confusing directions.

I got this fabric from Ikea...who has super. Cute. Fabric.

Don't you just love my red walls? I love them.

I fould some prettier ideas here. This is definitely something I'll be doing again. Because - hello easy wall art!

And that, dear readers, is my introduction to "crafts". I am super excited to keep at it...and to continue my motto of "Crafts! For Fun NOT For Dumb!" Word.


Ryan and Lisa said...
11:01 AM  

I love the butterfly craft! So cute Susan!

Susanna said...
12:30 PM  

Okay, a weekend is super short, but any chance you'd be willing to share an hour of it with your old friend Susanna?

We just moved to Davis (just over an hour from SF) and would love to meet up in the city (SF that is) for a bite, or even a wave hello.

Email me or call me and don't feel bad at all if your weekend is too full. or 303-229-0330

Nolo and Lauren said...
3:42 PM  

Here I was almost not going to check Susan's blog today... lo and behold... super crafty ideas. I love the fabric over squares. I might have to actually try that. And yes... I'm jealous of your red walls. Still living in a place were they only let me have white walls. Dumb white walls

James & Kristen said...
4:32 PM  

I love the fabric squares. That seems easy and quick enough for me to try. I have some really cute fabric left over from an Enrichment activity where we sewed aprons. Now I just need a staple gun...

Amy said...
6:51 PM  

I love them both! I just might have to borrow your butterfly punch to make one for Becca's room. She loves butterflies. :)

Krisanne said...
4:43 PM  

ooooh! i'm definitely trying these out!

teresa said...
11:21 PM  

Can I make out with your butterfly picture? 'Cause I really, really want to. No? Fine... I'll make my own and french kiss that one then. Sheesh... stingy.

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