Monday, October 26, 2009

Finding My Inner Homemaker or Why I've Decided To Blog Again

I studied acting for about 15 years. One would think that would mean I was a naturally creative person (having studied an art intensely over a mini-lifetime). But guess what? I'm not. I am not creative. I remember telling a professor at the BY "I am a creative-free zone!"...a t-shirt worthy slogan to be sure.

But guess what? ...I don't think I'm a creative-free zone anymore. There. I said it. I AM CREATIVE!

...Ok, let's not get carried away here. I'm not actually creative - "one who creates". As an actor, I got wicked good at taking something that someone else had created, and doing a mighty find job at making it my own. But sitting down and whipping out something super duper cutesy like this:

...yeeeaaahh....not so much.

However...I'm turning over this new leaf. And I'm doing it on my blog so that I actually DO it. Because I know you...and if I drop the ball, you'll totally judge. Won't you?....That's'll judge.


Anyway, here I am. Being creative. And here's why: Someday I'm going to be a mother. ...That's it. Someday, when my wonderful doctor can figure out why I'm not getting pregnant (or when my wonderful bank gives us a big fat loan for a big expensive IVF procedure)...I will have children. And then I'll be a mom. And the thing is, right now, all I've got to teach my future children is how to make cupcakes and how to sit and watch 4 straight hours of TV on DVD.

And so, dear readers, welcome to my new blog. Where, create stuff...and stuff.


Me, too.
(PS - cute baby Kimono's care of Martha here)


asiaelizabeth said...
4:39 AM  

I think making cupcakes and sitting in front of the tv for four hours straight is pretty much any kids idea of heaven!So you'll be the perfect Mom!Am so excited to watch the creative juices run!

teresa said...
12:27 PM  

Will you be my mom? Not that mine isn't great, but I would totally love for you to teach me how to make fancy-schmancy cupcakes and pass on fabulous taste in television viewing. Those babies of yours are lucky, lucky munchkins.

I adore you, Susan. Have I said that enough? You're my favorite.

Nolo and Lauren said...
12:36 PM  

you make me happy... i'm not creative either. can we be friends?

Susanna said...
12:40 AM  

blog on lady! i'm so happy to see what you're up to. that picture of you on the side bar is totally adorable.

i'm getting ready to steal your ideas :)


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