Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MY Google Fate

Remember how I like to talk about how I'm not original or creative? Yeah...I'm not.

So, maybe I'm gonna copy Krisanne right now (because I STILL haven't scanned images of the baby in my this will have to suffice as a blog post).

I went to Google Images, typed in "What is the fate of Susan Gardiner" and among the random photos, I found this one...

….Do we think ‘Susan Gardiner’ is the cat, pulling the ribbons of life? Or is she the teddy bear, being smacked around by the kitty claws of fate?................

PS - it's Andrew's birthday! Happy birthday, Andrew D. Gardiner! Who's fate looks like this!:

(The caption of this photo reads: "Andrew predicts the future with a big bag of money in the background." Yes.Please.)


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