Saturday, January 08, 2011

THE Eli Gardiner

Eli Thomas Gardiner was born December 10th, 2010 at 4:16am.

He was (probably) 6lbs 6oz (darn faulty labor and delivery scale!). I went into the hospital to be induced but after noticing my extremely elevated blood pressure and Eli's decelerated heart rate, he came into the world via c-section after only 4 hours of "labor".

I fell in love the moment I heard his cry.

He has my eyelashes and my grandmother's nose...but the rest of him is all Andrew.

He is such an incredibly happy baby. He eats a ton but has struggled gaining weight. He also miraculously sleeps through the night (when I don't force him awake to eat).

He has the biggest eyes I've ever seen...when he looks at you, he LOOKS at you.

He and I spend all day together everyday. I am having an amazing time being a stay-at-home mother. I'm usually doing very little around the house, aside from holding and/or feeding the boy. But right now, I just don't mind. (Though, I AM looking forward to him being able to do more on his own so I can get back to FFwD and being a super awesome homemaker.)


Susanna said...
12:24 AM  

I love his chin! Oh my goodness he's a little piece of perfection. I would just sit and stare at him all day long. And those big round eyes. My wordy. Should we arrange a marriage now?

I hope you're doing well. It's stressful when they struggle to gain, and when you have to wake them so you can't even enjoy that they're sleeping. But he'll figure it out, and you'll get more sleep. Someday.

Love you Susan.

Krisanne said...
3:24 AM  

I am beyond happy for you. And when I saw you with him on skype the other day, it was like he was always part of your life. I can't remember him not being around, you know? I kind of love that.

Zachary said...
4:34 AM  

I've been waiting and waiting for pictures...FINALLY! He is beautiful. Congratulations!

asiaelizabeth said...
5:38 AM  

He is so gorgeous! Aurora was teeny for the first three months and then got FAT. But I loved having her stay tiny it seemed to stretch the newborn stage( which I love) out more.I couldn't be happier for you and I agree holy shamoly he has the biggest eyes Ive ever seen on a baby!Gorgeous!You make pretty babies.

teresa said...
8:22 PM  

And now the world is as it should be. I love him. I love you. He's perfect.

Linz said...
1:14 PM  

Every time I see him, he is bigger and cuter!! And I see him weekly!

Love you, Eli!! and I love you too, Susan! :)

Tami said...
7:07 PM  

Dear Susan,
we need updated Eli pics.
He is way to cute not to share.

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