Monday, October 02, 2006

Fakey Fall

A crisp wind. Colorful leaves. Upturned collars. These are the things the world experiences during my favorite season, the fall.

Here are the things we in Houston enjoy during my second favorite season...fakey fall: less AC usage. Long sleeves (but only if it's thin cotton). Falling leaves...that are still green.

The rest of you may feel sad for us...but since we pretty much don't know any better, we revel in this fakey fall. The mornings are almost chilly. Occasionally, we can start thinking about turtleneck and jackets. My electric bill will be much lower next month (who needs a heater?!).

No seriously, there are many good reasons to live in Houston...The weather just isn't one of them.

**Note: when I originally wrote this, our daily high was a cool 83...This week, summer's back with highs in the mid-90's......*sigh*


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