Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Got Married, I Bought A House, I Caught A Fish: Part 1

Hi. Remember me?

So, let's start with The Wedding Of The Century. See...I got married. ...I know, right? Amazing. Eight days after my 31st birthday, I married the best man I've ever known, Andrew Gardiner. He's not at all what I was looking for - he's better. Way better. Wicked better. And pretty much my best friend. And guess what - he's mine! Yippee! (I may or may not be doing the Charlie Brown dance right now...)

Here's a brief rundown on the Man himself: He's 29. He did much of his growing up in south Texas, a town called Kingsville - known for the King Ranch and of course, King Ranch Chicken! Yum...He graduated from Sam Houston State University in Chemistry and now works as a forensic scientist for the Texas State Crime Lab...which is SO hot. He's wicked funny...but also a little shy so if you get him talking, listen up - you'll hear some gems. He likes Jimmy Buffet and ACDC, and loves taking me to Astros' games. He collects coins and has pretty much one of the coolest coin collections I've ever seen (...ok...the ONLY coin collection I've ever seen but it's still very cool). He's the kindest, sweetest, cutest person I know...and so I married the heck out of that guy.

The Wedding itself was perfect. I know I'm biased, as it was MY wedding. But seriously, folks - it was perfect. All my closest friends were there - Krisanne, The Triumvirate, Teresa, Ben & Melanie, Emilie, The Feils, Jake & Anne, and of course all my amazing family. Seriously, one of my favorite parts of the wedding was walking into that sealing room and seeing so many people I loved.

The reception was also pretty darn perfect. I'd been teased for years because I actually wanted my reception in a church gym...but I must say, it wouldn't have been lovelier anywhere else. My mom got the help of an amazing woman in her ward who pretty much rocked my reception world. We had pretty fakey candles, pretty fakey trees, and LOTS of yummy barbeque.

Then also, we went on a cruise. For all you readers who have never been a cruise...promise yourselves that someday...someday you will take a vacation on the sea. Mmm...cruises makey me happy. We went to Jamaica (which was scary and lame), Grand Cayman (which was lovely and perfect) and Cozumel (which was Mexican-y and ruin-y).

In conclusion, The Wedding Of The Century was pretty much the best day of my life...except for the fact that every day since then has pretty much been the best day of my life. I got married...and that was awesome.


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Morwenna said...
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Keep up the good work.

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