Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Got Married, I Bought A House, I Caught A Fish: Part 2

I thought that when I turned 21, I was a grown-up. But I didn't so much feel grown-up-y. Then I got my own apartment and that was pretty darn grown-up-like. ...Except for then I moved back in with my parents. But THEN I got married - dude...what is MORE grown-up than marriage?! ...Well, dear readers, I have recently found out the answer to that question: Buying a house is WAY more grown-up than getting married. You know how I know it's more grown up? It's scarier.

We were always going to get a house but like in a year or something. We started looking at model homes just for fun and then we found KB Homes. They had the most reasonably priced, while still being cute, homes we'd seen. And pretty much the decision to buy a house now was made for us. It just made sense. Done and done. Only also, they want money...that's gay.

So our house is still dirt, though they have paved the road. See?

For those of you who are curious little monkeys, you can see the floor plan here (only flip it because it'll be backwards).

They say it'll take at least 6 months to build. So we're looking at being in the house by April-ish. I'll be keeping you all updated on how the building is going with pictures and what not.

And that was the time Andrew and I bought a house...and it was awesome.


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