Tuesday, March 04, 2008

That Dweam Wiffin A Dweam

My super duper friend Teresa left me a message on my phone this week. She told me that I was lame-o for never updating my blog. And I was all....yeah...you're right. So, me voila! I post!

So 2007 is over and it was pretty much The Year Of The Wedding. Not only did the Wedding Of The Century take place in April, but my dear sweet Diane Duffy-Corado got married in November and my cute cute cousin Emma got married...well, she actually got married January 2nd. But I'm still counting it as 2007.

In November, Andrew and I were able to spend a long weekend in Washington D.C. to see Di get married. My father's family all lives out there so we were able to stay with an aunt and uncle in their gorgeous home in Maryland. We spent a day with cute A, wandering the Mall, seeing the monuments, dinosaurs, and Constitutions. We even capped off the day with a visit to the White House where we got a tour from President Bush's personal secretary, my cousin Karen. The wedding itself was fabulous. Behold the amazing Triumvirate:

Di, how you glow! And this is even PRE-baby! You must be the glowy-est now!

Then in January I had to leave my cute husband for 2 days (*gasp!*) to go to Emma's wedding in Minnesota. As hard as it was to be apart from Andrew, I had a wonderful time with my extended family. Emma was a freaking supermodel. Plus, she wore red patten leather heels with her wedding dress. ...I know, right?! Other than the fact that it never got above 9 degrees, a great time was had by all.

Thus concludes 2007, the Year Of The Wedding. ...Here's hoping that Di is setting a trend for 2008 - The Year Of The Baby!


Cami & Martin said...
9:20 AM  

Susan, welcome back to the world of blogging. If my family has any say in it, then 2008 definitely is the Year of the Baby. (A nephew's due in a couple weeks, another in a couple months, and my daughter--MY DAUGHTER--is coming in June.) I hope you join the party of mommies-to-be!!

Teresa said...
3:09 PM  

Yay -- this has been hands down, the highlight of my day. (Keep in mind though, that thus far, I've done laundry, refereed fights between boys, and loaded the dishwasher, so really... it's not saying much.)

So for every pink vibe you're sending my way (we find out on the 13th!), I'm sending two pregger-wishes to you!

You're the bestest, Susan! Welcome back!

Max Power said...
10:08 AM  

Just Sunday Zach was asking me if you ever updated your blog. I told him I would harass you next week when we are in Texas. You saved yourself.

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