Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Basket Full O' Cake

I'm done with my cake classes. We only did one cake this whole month...and it was quite a cake. Or it was supposed to be. Every week we did some flowers that, for the final, we were supposed to use. The cake was just supposed to be an overflowing basket of flowers. However, I had, some, *ahem* technical difficulties with my maybe most of them broke before I could get them on the cake. So, this cake has a third of the flowers that I was supposed to use.

But in my opinion, it was gonna be all tacky and whatnot with all those flowers there!

Let's take a closer look at that basket weave, shall we? ...Mostly because my hand throbbed for days afterwards and so you darn well better LOVE IT!!!

Ah, yeah...icing basket weavin', yo.


Krisanne said...
1:45 AM  

that cake looks AMAZING, s. worth the throbbing hand.

Zachary said...
2:04 AM  

Holy Crap! How do you weave icing?

For that do you weave period?

teresa and the boys said...
6:12 AM  

You are *so* hardcore.

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