Monday, August 11, 2008

Seriously Workin'

I had 2 cupcake jobs last week...I know, right? It was amazing. I mean, was for one of my best friends...and her mom. But still! Two jobs! I'm full on a cupcake maker, yo!

Here's a few photos of the ones I did for A. I made her a 3 Vanilla with Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese icing and a chocolate on chocolate.

I'm still searching for the perfect Chocolate cupcake...any ideas out there? I'm going to try and convert my grandmother's Hot Fudge Cake into a cupcake...we'll see. In the meantime, keep those Seriously Cupcake orders comin'! Know someone having a birthday/anniversary/bad day? Do they live in or around Houston, Texas?! ...You know who to call.


Tara said...
9:06 AM  

When I move back to Houston, I am totally hiring you. I can't wait to taste one (or more) of your serious cupcakes.

Shannon said...
11:46 AM  

Susan, I want to try some. I love cupcakes! I'm having my 10 year (!!!) high school seminary reunion in a couple of weeks at my house. Can I hire you to make the treats???

Sufoot said...
2:02 PM  

Shannon...done and done. Call me - 832-722-8529. still keep in touch with your seminary class? job.

Zachary said...
9:13 PM  

If I am ever in the area...I'll "pretend" to have a bad day and place an order. Those look GOOOOOOOOD.

The McKay's said...
3:36 PM  

I totally wish we were next door neighbors and you had me "try" all of your delicious looking cupcakes! :)

Becky said...
11:32 AM  

Okay, I'm Erika Quaife's little sister. I love your cupcake business name, so perfect, seriously!

I love the cookbook "Cupcakes" by Shelly Kaldunski. I've tried a few recipes and loved them. I'm sure here chocolate ones are great...I'll let ya know when I get around to it!

Happy Cupcake Day!

Becky said...
11:33 AM  

Sorry, here is the link of her cookibook on my blog:

Anonymous said...
2:57 PM  

Hello, hello!? I am pretty sure that I received a lovely email from you a week or so ago, and I was working on a reply but seem to have deleted it completely, along with your original email.

If this is you, and if time allows, please email me back so I can properly respond to your email.

Many Thanks,

Sandra =)
The Cupcake Cottage
Fort Worth, Texas

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