Saturday, September 06, 2008

Takin' Care of Bidness has wicked picked up so I'm not all bloggy during the day. And I've been so busy with the cupcakin' that I'm also non-bloggy at nights! I swear to do better.

Mostly, though, this post will provide photographic proof that I really have been working. And hard. In the last 2 weeks I've had 10 cupcake jobs, got my DBA from the county, and opened my business checking account ("...yes, go ahead and make that check out to Seriously Cupcakes."). As I climbed into bed a few nights ago, worn out from baking all night, I mentioned to Andrew that I felt like I was working 2 jobs and he said, " ARE working 2 jobs." And folks...that totally made this girl smile. Because I AM working 2 jobs.

Feast your eyes on the following:

Yummy Carrot Cupcakes

Super yummy coconut on vanilla:

Super DUPER yummy Chocolate on vanilla with fancy chocolate chunks ("fancy" means I totally pounded the crap out of a Ghirardelli dark chocolate bar and a Valrhona milk chocolate bar):

And my new favorite...WICKED super duper yummy Key Lime Pie Cupcakes with lime cream cheese icing (...PS - I will never use that much green coloring again...promise):

Oh yeah...and the most annoying cupcakes I've ever done. After doing these, I vowed never to do "cutesy" again.....unless they're paying reeeeaaally well:

More posts - more non-cupcake posts - to come soon!


Tori said...
10:29 AM  

Your cupcakes are so nice! Way to go with the business!

heather said...
6:01 AM  

Susan! Wow! You really are a baker! (The Etsy item photographer in me is really wanting to help you out with your photos, though.) But I'm still drooling! I really really really want to do some tasting...darn international customs parishable food mailing laws!! I'm just wondering where are the mohawk plastic babies riding that carrot cupcake?

teresa and the boys said...
8:06 PM  


I love your cupcakes.

I love you more.

You made me cry.

We should talk soon.


Melanie said...
11:11 AM  

Yeah, those chocolate chunks on top are WOW! That looks DE LISH!!

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