Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eli: The First 30 Weeks

Having an IVF is a stressful, agonizing, terrifying experience. It's not what I would call "fun" or "the way to go". BUT...if you ever do find yourself on the IVF side of infertility, let me tell you the best part: the ultrasounds. So.Many.Ultrasounds. I have quite literally watched this boy grow from an egg to...well, to an as-of-today 3.75-ish lb, 16-ish inch baby boy. Most pregnant women have 2, maybe 3 ultrasounds throughout the 9 months of gestation. Me? I've had 12**...and will probably have at least one more.

Come with me now, as we follow the development of this gorgeous child who I'll get to meet in 8 weeks:

1. Fertilization: That's right of these fertilized eggs is my son. ...How many of YOU know what you looked like the exact minute you were conceived? ...Suckers.

2. Implantation: See that little white dot? That's those two eggs being rocketed into my uterus. And guess what! One of them stuck!

3. Week 5: It's official! I'm pregnant!

4. Week 6: Yep...still in there!

5. Week 7: Feelin' queasy...which I'm told is a good thing.

6. Week 8: Whoa...are those arm and leg nubs? K - he's a teddy graham person.

7. Week 10: The official hand off from fertility doctor to OB...obviously my fertility doctor has much fancier machines...

8. Week 14: The longest I've gone without seeing my little guy....and look how much he's grown!

9. Week 18: It's a boy!!! A 12 minute long ultrasound, as my son did NOT want to share his business with the world. But eventually we peeked anyway. And just look at those toes...

10. Week 22: Check out this kid's profile - doesn't he already look like Andrew?

11. Week 26: ...The creepiest picture I have of Eli. I mean...dude......look at that creepy face, all starin' back...heebie.jeebies.

12. Week 30: Ok...heebie jeebies quickly replaced by...oh my word, the loveliness of that face. And would you get a load of those cheeks?! Are you kidding me?! *sigh*

13. Week 30: In case you missed's a boy.....

**Yes, I know there are 2 week 30's - but we really have had 12. One was during week 28 when we ran into some complications...she just didn't take any pictures.


CYNDI said...
9:11 PM  

Susan, so fun to chronicle his life - not from birth, but conception! I am so happy for your miracle. :) So, I saw you today at the grocery store with your baby. Only I was here in Az and the baby boy was already out of your tummy. It really looked like you. :)

Krisanne said...
8:13 AM  

Oh this is rad. What a cool idea, S. Thanks for sharing!

Cami said...
11:07 AM  

Hot dang that's a lot of ultrasounds! I thought I had a ton when I got 7 with Kenzie. I'm glad you get to see him a lot since it was such a struggle to get him there in the first place. Watching Eli grow is so awesome!! Thanks for posting this line-up. I can't wait to see pictures of the real deal soon.

Susanna said...
8:30 PM  

And I thought I had a lot of ultrasounds with the girls. Hooray for Eli! Hooray for 8 weeks! Hooray for Susan! Um, can I see your belly?

Bet you're dang cute. I can just picture it.

Can't wait to see that little one.

P.S. How do you feel about arranged marriages?

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