Friday, October 08, 2010

FFwD: Gerard's Mustard Tart

My family, the Keller family, has a thing for condiments. It's kind of a sickness. My brother, my father, even my sister's husband - between those 3 fridges I would feel very comfortable saying they have probably 50 different condiments. Barbecue sauces, relishes, marinades, and mustards. Lots of different mustards. This tart? This tart is for them.

But wait! Guess what?! It's also for YOU - you, dear reader, who does NOT belong to the mustard of the month club (yes it's real and yes my brother was once a member)! Because while this tart is heavy on the mustard (1/4 cup of 2 different kinds), it also heavy on the awesome.

Before even starting this recipe, I was skeptical. I mean, a good spicy/brown mustard is pretty tasty. ...But an entire pie shell filled with mustard tasting egginess?....Not so sure. As you're adding the mustard and the salt and pepper, Dorie even suggests adding those things "to taste". Friends...I HATE adding things "to taste". I am BAD at adding things "to taste". ....Especially since this is a new recipe and I have NO idea what it's supposed to "taste" like! Um, also...I'm pregnant...and pregnant girls are NOT supposed to be "tasting" raw eggs. But I took one for the FFwD team. ...You're WELCOME, Dorie.

Dorie's recipe calls for carrots and leeks. But she says the original recipe calls for tomatoes. And since I'm more of a tomato fan than carrots and leeks, I went for the original. I probably could have cut the tomatoes up smaller...but then it wouldn't have had the cool fan effect. See?:

Aside from the fact that I took two nights making this (night one: making tart dough, chilling tart dough, rolling out tart dough, chilling tart dough; night two: cooking tart, chilling tart, cooking tart......stupid day job), this was an incredibly easy recipe. Plus also, it gave me an excuse to make some homemade creme

And maybe this is what it looked like after only me and Andrew had our way with it.....please don't judge......remember - I'm eating for two.

Verdict: Heck yes. Mustard my tart, please.


Linz said...
9:30 AM  

Maybe you should bring me some leftovers of your yummy French recipes...we see each other Monday through Friday. And I like food.

Or I could try to make them myself, but who knows how that will end up!

Cami said...
11:11 PM  

YOU, my dear Susan, are heavy on the awesome.

Sugary Goodness (Kim) said...
1:13 PM  

I think many of us were a little nervous about the mustard taking over the tart. I was really good. I had to tell you I have that same pan...I thought about using it for mine but when the recipe said a removable bottom - I was nervous to try it in that one. I see it came out just fine! Great photos!!!

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