Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Alrighty, blogging friends. Thank you so much - I have absolutely LOVED everyone's suggestions for my budding cupcake company. I have decided on a short list and would, once again, love to hear some votes:

  • Simply Cupcakes (my original favorite...even though there is already a shop in LA with that name)
  • So Cupcakes (again...a favorite and one that I thought was original...but those of you in Salt Lake can visit a shop with that very name!)
  • Seriously Cupcakes (my new favorite...and, as of this post, is completely original)
  • Cake THAT! (Thank you, KaRyn...)
  • My Favorite Cupcakes (nice one, Kristen!)

What do you all think?

Here are a few of my favorites that I won't be choosing...but absolutely LOVED:
  • Frakkin' Awesome Cupcakes (Cami, I may use that as a tag line for my company...)
  • Fairy Cakes
  • Cupcake Escape (...try saying that ten times fast...)
  • Like Muffin Tops...Only Better (when I read this, all I hear is Jane Krakowski singing "Muffin Top")
  • New Boot Goofin' Cakes! (because...what the crap, Zach?)

Thank you, friends. From the bottom of my Boston Creme filled cupcake heart...thank you.


Cami & Martin said...
6:08 PM  

Seriously Cupcakes--it's perfect!

Tori said...
4:13 PM  

I love seriously cupcakes too...and hope to someday buy lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling and white chocolate topping from you there. (Because they always sounded so frackin' yummy to me, but whenever I want to make them, everybody's like, No...we want chocolate...do inside out german chocholate...and I cave.)

Big Fat Cupcake said...
8:37 AM  

Hi There,

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am hoping to have my store open by fall. I saw your names. Big Fat Cupcakes came to me because I kept saying that is what I want to sell. It just fell into place. Work on your menu. My menu is done and I can easily give it to a baker to mass produce for business. I can help you in any way I can.


heather said...
2:28 PM  

I like Seriously Cupcakes and My Favorite Cupcakes!

James & Kristen said...
1:14 PM  

Of course I have to vote for my suggestion! haha.

In ranking order:

My favorite Cupcakes
Seriously Cupcakes (bc it sounds like you)
Simply Cupcakes
So Cupcakes


Tara said...
2:15 PM  

I vote for Seriously Cupcakes. This is YOUR business after all and that name to totally you. Also, congratulations on your foray into entrepreneurship. I wish you the best of luck and much success.

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