Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cupcake _______ ?

Ok, my favorite blog readers. I need some help. I am trying to push my cupcake company idea off it's day-dreaming butt and I need serious input. I am having the HARDEST time coming up with a company name. Nothing so far has really jumped up and bit me...and I really feel that if I'm going to make this happen, I need to be bitten! So, come on campers, show me your creativity!

...And if I end up choosing your suggestion, I will totally overnight you some yummy yummy cupcakes.



heather said...
1:40 PM  

cake in a cup? Susie Cakes? cupcakes by susan? cupcakes for you? buy my cupcakes? cute-cakes?

Ok, so I'm just giving you all the lamest names coming first in my head...I'll let you know if I think of something better...

Zachary said...
2:43 PM  

Cup O Joy
Cup O Heaven
Bits Of Bliss
Like Muffin Tops...only Better
Cup N Cake
Mound of Baked Goodness
New Boot Goofin' Cakes!

Like Heather...I had to get the bad ones out of the way. I'll keep thinking!

Cami & Martin said...
8:19 PM  

I think you should name it Frakkin Awesome Cupcakes or Cupcake Escape

teresa and the boys said...
11:44 PM  

I'm thinking. I really am. Also, I'm dilating. But mostly thinking.

heather said...
12:21 AM  

what's the french word for cupcake? or something french-y sounding?

heather said...
4:39 AM  

fairy cakes? (I just learned that's the common British term for cupcakes)

Sufoot said...
7:22 AM  

I sorta thought about calling it Petit Gateau (French for "little cake"). ...But I thought that might sound too frou-frou-y. Also, I totally read that they were/are called Fairy Cakes in England, and you know my love of fairies.......but sounds a little cutesy. And I've decided my cupcakes are more delicious and sexy, than cutesy and frou-frou-y...

Maybe Sexy Cupcakes?...Nah...

CYNDI said...
7:17 PM  

I think Crazy Cakes would be cute. At least compared to all the other things I have come up with, it is great! I was trying to think of variations of the word cup, but nothing sounded right. Good luck. I hope you love it.

James & Kristen said...
11:54 AM  

Cupcake Cafe...Cupcake Delight...Cupcake Heaven...My favorite Cupcakes..Cupcakes of your Dreams...

Good luck!

Ninny Beth said...
2:52 AM  

Cake THAT!

cup tart.

it's all I've got.

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