Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Loving the Deseret

I am back from a week long trek to the Utah. A wonderful time was had by all...well, at least by me and Andrew. We spent the first days chasing a perfectly perfect one year-old boy named Max...I may have mentioned him before. He's without doubt the single cutest child EVER. Here...take a gander:

See? He's my favorite. I cannot believe how much he grows in between my visits. I am the youngest child and this is my first nephew. So, I've never spent a lot of time around growing babies. I love knowing that I am going to watch Max grow from birth to an adult. It is so much fun watching him figure out things like walking and talking (as evidenced by the video). We had such an amazingly wonderful time with Erik and Monica and Max. I love their home and I love feeling at home in their home. Thank you, Keller Family!

We then spent the rest of the week with Andrew's family - immediate and extended. Our real purpose of this trip was a family reunion on my mother-in-law's side. It was her father's 80th birthday and their 60th wedding anniversary. We spent lots of time playing around the Salt Lake area. We spent the 4th with my father-in-law's family up in the mountains...I have forgotten how beautiful Utah can be. It was fabulous to meet my new extended family! I never realized this part of getting married - not only do you get a new family, you get new cousins, new aunts and uncles, and most importantly, for me, new grandparents. I haven't had living grandparents for 10 years. So...to see BOTH sets of grandparents this week was just perfect!

In other news, Andrew and I still love our Rock Band. Our band, Frakkin Awesome, is a headlining act now, with Andrew kicking serious bottom on the guitar and I'm doing pretty fabulous on drums. Though occasionally I like to dust off the microphone - last night I got 100% singing "Black Hole Sun".

PS - for you readers living in the Salt Lake and surrounding areas who I missed seeing, please forgive...this trip was very family-centric...next time I'm there let's hook it up, mmkay?


Cami & Martin said...
10:07 PM  

I have to confess, I called you a chicken-legged jerkface when I read that you'd been in Utah for a WEEK and didn't call me?!?! But then I read your PS, so I guess you're forgiven... for now. See ya next time!

Melanie said...
10:11 PM  

Um, yeah, he's adorable. So I guess I can forgive the fact that Nolan is your second favorite wee boy in Utah county. . . I mean, being an aunt is the most bestest job there is, so it stands to reason that he'd top your list. :)

heather said...
1:28 AM  

thank you for the Max video!! it's not fair, though...he's turning into a little boy without me! And yet the cuteness never ends!!

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