Thursday, July 24, 2008

...I Just Let The Cupcakes Do All The Work...

It's official. I did it. I sold my first cupcake. My first forty cupcakes, to be exact. They took over 5 hours from start to finish...and it was the 5 most fun hours I have EVER had "working". I am in LOVE with being a baker.

The woman to whom I sold them works at my company and I had never met her before today. We have an electronic bullitin board via our email system and last week she posted a request for someone who made homemade cakes. I responded and told her my forte was cupcakes and directed her to this-here blog. She hired me to make 40 cupcakes for her 2 sons' birthday party, which had a sports theme. ...And this is what I came up with:

I apologize for the horrible picture - one of my first major business purchases will be a GOOD camera. However...I'm quite pleased with how they came out. And the recipe was AMAZING! It was first experience with Billy's Vanilla Vanilla. I have made his buttercream icing many times but this was my first time pairing that with his vanilla cupcakes. And they are great. I still prefer this recipe...but most people don't. So I will mostly use my tweaked version of Billy's cupcakes for selling purposes.

Also, soccer balls are the HARDEST design ever. I'm ok if I never have to do those again.

The lovely lady who purchased these cupcakes (someday I will have a cupcake flavor named Lauren in her honor) just posted a photo of the cupcakes on the same bullitin board telling people how great they are (she's already had 2!). Here's hoping more work comes my way!


Zachary said...
1:26 PM  

That is, seriously, awesome! Congratulations!! Here's to more work your way!

Diane said...
1:50 PM  

And again with the congrats!!

teresa and the boys said...
3:04 PM  

Hooray -- you're official and everything. I'm bursting with pride.

Heather said...
9:39 PM  

Susan, remember that time when you weren't a baker yet and you helped make some really special cupcakes for my wedding? Yeah, those were good times.

Heather said...
9:43 PM  

But I'm wicked excited for you right now!

Krisanne said...
12:28 AM  

you are such a rock star. cupcakes are SO hip right now. seriously cupcakes are SO hip right now.

Sufoot said...
7:23 AM  

Heather, the memory of making roughly 17,000 mini cupcakes for your wedding still haunts me...and drives me, at the same time.

Also, thank you all SO much for your amazing support and love and confidence. When I make my first million, I'll fly you all to my summer home in Aspen for a big fat cupcake party.

The McKay's said...
3:31 AM  

I am in AWE...40 cupcakes? That's unreal. And they look amazing. You are one talented lady. :)

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