Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Station of Colleges

...I did it. I batted my eyes, did a little girly sigh, and smiled a crooked smile...and convinced my wonderful husband to take me far away from Ike. ...Ok, not far - only an hour...and it's still right in Ike's path. BUT our friends are here! Our family is here (Andrew's brother Nathan and his wondeful family live here, too)! We are currently at the home of the wonderful Kennedy's, Jake and Anne. They were Andrew's friends first and then they became my friends. I love this cute couple and I LOVE crashing at their beautiful country home. We brought our Rock Band, my cupcake making materials (I'm making 2 dozen for an A&M freshman tomorrow!), and lots of diet coke with lime. ...It's gonna be a party!

My parents stayed I still have a bit of worry left in Houston. But I feel much less stressed being here than if I was in my brand new little home, walls shakin', glass shattering....

...What, I'm not dramatic at ALL......

......See why we left? :)


teresa and the boys said...
11:36 PM  

Be safe, lovey-Susan-head. And tell your nice mom and dad to be safe too.

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