Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Do NOT Like Ike...

We're safe and dry. It's wicked windy and rainy here in College Station but, as you can see, we still have power...for now. The worst of the storm has yet to hit this part of Texas but I think we're much better off here than in Houston.

I spoke to my parents this morning - they are good. They lost power about 2:45am and about 5 in the morning, their brand spankin' new fancy fence fell over. They also have a little bit of water coming in under their brand spankin' new fancy sliding door and is underneath their brand spankin' new fancy wood floor. ...Other than that, they are good. I spoke to them early enough that they still weren't hot and sweaty with no AC...but they'll get there.

I love you all and will post when this is over. I'm betting we'll lose power some time today...should be interesting. But as I said, we're with wicked fun friends and power or no - we will be rockin'.


Nolo and Lauren said...
9:51 PM  

I'm really glad to hear that you and your family are ok. We totally became Houston news junkies over the last two days. Obviously we aren't coming to town this weekend, but we'll be there for the Texans game on Nov. 9th. C'est la vie.

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